Computational postdoctoral fellow in Comparative Epigenomics

Position Summary

We are part of the International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC) which, together with ENCODE and the NIH Roadmap, has released more than 10,000 epigenomic maps across multiple human cell types. Through this work, a large fraction of the human genome was observed to be transcribed or biochemically active in at least one cell type. Going forward, we posit that inter-species epigenomic datasets, especially those of closely related non-human primate species, will be key to better characterize the evolution and functional role of human non-coding DNA. We have started to generate such maps in various primate cells (human, chimpanzee, macaque, etc.) including induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and also sorted blood cells. The appeal of the iPSCs in particular is that they can be differentiated into other types of cells.

The Bourque lab is seeking a computational postdoctoral fellow interested in analyzing such primate comparative epigenomics datasets. A component of the project will be to develop new analytical methods as needed. PhD training should be in bioinformatics, computational genomics or equivalent and required skills include programming (Python or equivalent), statistics and R. Prior experience in genomics and/or epigenomics data analysis is highly desirable. Position will be funded for 2-years with possible extensions.

You would join a team of more than 30 students, postdocs, bioinformaticians and software developers working at the Canadian Center for Computational Genomics, which is part of the McGill University and Genome Québec Innovation Center. You would have access to many projects that rely on state-of-art genomic technologies and computational platforms. An optional component of the position will be to work with and visit Kyoto University in the context of a new collaborative project on primate iPSCs.

How to apply

If you are interested, please send a short description of your research interests and CV to Dr. Bourque
We are currently accepting applications.