Our Toronto node team consists of experienced bioinformaticians, data scientists, data analysts and program managers all of whom have come together with the common goal of helping the genome community with their needs.

Michael Brudno
Michael BrudnoScientific Director
Dr. Andrei Turinsky
Dr. Andrei Turinsky Senior Research Associate
Rob Naccarato
Rob NaccaratoSenior Manager and Systems Architect
Lauren Erdman
Lauren ErdmanMachine Learning Core Project Manager
Kimberly Burke
Kimberly BurkeProject Coordinator
Dr. Alper Celik
Dr. Alper CelikSenior Bioinformatician
Madeline Couse
Madeline CouseBioinformatician
Mia Husic
Mia HusicClinical Research Project Assistant
Delvin So
Delvin SoBioinformatician
Aarthi Mohan
Aarthi MohanBioinformatician
Meredith Gillespie
Meredith GillespieGenetic Counsellor
Lauren Liang
Lauren LiangProgrammer/Analyst
Michael Li
Michael LiProgrammer/Analyst
Steven Ufkes
Steven UfkesBioinformatician
Sam Osia
Sam OsiaProgrammer/Analyst
Fernando Silva
Fernando SilvaRIT Team Lead
Dong Hu
Dong HuSenior Systems Analyst
Andrew Maksymowsky
Andrew MaksymowskySystems Administrator
Jyoti Adlakha Gupta
Jyoti Adlakha GuptaProject Coordinator & Scrum Master
Sebastian Burlacu
Sebastian BurlacuSystems Analyst
Conor Klamann
Conor KlamannProgrammer/Analyst
Samuel Kimuli
Samuel KimuliSystems Administrator
Pamela Xu
Pamela XuClinical Research Project Assistant
Nour Hanafi
Nour HanafiClinical Research Project Assistant
Jixuan Wang
Jixuan WangGraduate Student, Ph.D Candidate
Marta Skreta
Marta SkretaGraduate Student, Ph.D Candidate
Anna Guo
Anna GuoSystems Administrator
Kevin Lu
Kevin LuProgrammer/Analyst (part-time student)
Mackenzie Frew
Mackenzie FrewSystems Administrator
Grace Xu
Grace XuSoftware Developer — Co-op Student